A Step in the Rights Direction

XXXXX Title:- A Step in the Rights Direction
About the book:- A Step in the Rights Direction is a human rights education manual that can be practically used by educators teaching students in high school. The aim of this manual is to heighten young people's awareness of the fundamental concepts of human rights and to foster a sense of inquiry and responsibility in them. This book is an attempt towards the implementation of the goals of the Indian Government's National Curriculum Framework of 1986 which aims to arouse social consciousness, instill democratic values and help achieve the goals of social justice, equality and national integration.

Author:- South Asia Human Rights Documentation Centre
Publisher:- Tata McGraw-Hill
Publication date:- 2000
ISBN:- 0-07-463884-X
Page:- 281p.
Size:- 9.5" X 7"
Price (India):- Rs.400.00
Price (International):-US $13.00