Judgement Reserved: The Case of the National Human Rights Commission of India

XXXXX Title:- Judgement Reserved: The Case of the National Human Rights Commission of India
About the book:- The National Human Rights Commission of India is the supreme and independent body for providing human rights protection in India. Since its inception in 1993, the commission is underrated for providing quality services. While the Government of India was at fault for not complying with the recommendations made by NHRC on various occasions, the Commission was also responsible for not supporting its strong words with action. This report is the first of its kind covering all aspects of NHRC's institutional development. It examines the instances of human rights abuses and preventive steps taken by the Commission. It also takes a brief note of the whereabouts of the implementation of the recommendations made by Kerala High Court, McKinsey & Company, Inc. and Staff Inspection Unit. Making a comprehensive assessment of the working of the NHRC, this report provides several recommendations aimed at reducing NHRC's caseload and improving its efficiency. The recommendations are both procedural and substantive in nature. Finally, it provides practical solutions to the problems faced by the Commission and recommends many other programs of action to be taken for providing anticipated protection against human rights violations.

Publisher:- South Asia Human Rights Documentation Centre
Publication date:- September 2001
ISBN:- 81-87379-06-5
Page:- 144p.
Size:- 8.5" X 5.5"
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