Racial Discrimination: The Record of Bhutan

XXXXX Title:- Racial Discrimination: The Record of Bhutan
About the book:- Ethnically plural Bhutan undertook a series of racist measures against the country’s ethnic Nepali population in 1980. It sought to revive the ‘Bhutanese way of life’ followed by the majority Drukpas. To this end, restrictions were imposed on dress, language and religion. These were later followed by a crackdown on Nepali protests leading to the flight of nearly 90,000 Nepalese to Nepal who Bhutan refuses to take back. The ethnic Sarchop community has also been the target of discriminatory policies. This report details the repressive policies of the Bhutanese government and also examines the process and possibilities of the repatriation of the ethnic Nepalis.

Publisher:- South Asia Human Rights Documentation Centre
Publication date:- September 2001
ISBN:- 81-87379-12-X
Page:- 76p.
Size:- 8.5" X 5.5"
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