Racial Discrimination: The Record of Sri Lanka

XXXXX Title:- Racial Discrimination: The Record of Sri Lanka
About the book:- Sri Lanka’s ethnic war is one of the starkest illustrations of the consequences of a state policy that legitimises discrimination. The deliberate and systematic exclusion of the Tamil community has been largely responsible for the prolonged and tortuous conflict that shows no sign of abating. This report looks at the effects of these policies and examines how the Sri Lankan governmentâ™s policies continue to violate the Constitution as well as several international human rights instruments.

Publisher:- South Asia Human Rights Documentation Centre
Publication date:- September 2001
ISBN:- 81-87379-09-X
Page:- 64p.
Size:- 8.5" X 5.5"
Price (India):- Rs.135.00
Price (International):- US $ 5.00