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Notifying Farming as an Essential Service-An Authoritarian Manoeuvre

HRF/223/12 | 18 September 2012

Dear Madam/Sir,
The Government of India is considering a proposal to notify farming as an essential service. This is ostensibly to bring drought relief to farmers suffering from a weak monsoon - a laudable goal indeed. However, if farming is deemed an "essential service", farmers and farm workers could lose many of their political and civil rights because the government can then invoke the Essential Services Maintenance Act to ban strikes by agricultural workers, leaving them without collective bargaining power.

It appeared in the 22 September 2012 issue of the Economic and Political Weekly.

The Border Security Force (Amendment) Bill, 2011

HRF/222/12 | 12 May, 2012

Dear Madam/Sir,
Please find enclosed as HRF 222, – an article on the proposed, “The Border Security Force (Amendment) Bill, 2011”. It appeared in the 12 May 2012 issue of the Economic and Political Weekly.


National Counter Terrorism Centre

 HRF/221/12 | 19 April 2012

Dear Madam/Sir,
Please find below as HRF 221, – an article on the proposed National Counter Terrorism Centre. It appeared in the 17 March 2012 issue of the Economic and Political Weekly. It is titled, “The National Counter Terrorism Centre- The Creation of the Indian Stasi.”

A copy is also appended in PDF format.


Harassment of Sikhs in Afghanistan

HRF/219/12 | 3 February 2012

The plight of Afghanistan’s Sikh community is often ignored. Since the coming to power of the Mujahedeen in 1992, the Sikh community has been fleeing Afghanistan. The bulk of the estimated 200,000 Afghan Sikhs appear toh ave fled between 1991 and 1994.....